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Business Promotion Opportunity


DCC Racing are looking for sponsorship to support us in the Milltek Sport Civic Cup in 2024

Would you like your business to be seen by tens of thousands of people all over the UK at popular race circuits, both in-person and professionally live-streamed on popular social media channels?

The Gannon family have been avid followers of the Milltek Sport Civic Cup for multiple years, and Anthony made his life-long dream come true by joining the
2023 season as a competitor. Anthony has been flying around circuits on track days for the majority of his life, and in more recent years he has been using his track Honda Civic EP3.

In his maiden year, Anthony brought home 6 trophies (along with some bubbly), each for winning the Goodyear Diamond Award. Considering that every other competitor within the category has been competing in the Civic Cup for many years, this is a massive achievement for him! He was also just a few points away from winning the season trophy for the category, coming in closely at second place. For this reason, he has attracted much media attention from interviewers such as Paul O'Neill on behalf of the TCRUK Touring Car Championship.

The Civic Cup will yet again be hosting seven rounds throughout 2024 with thousands of spectators, as usual. Additionally, all races are live-streamed via the Civic Cups' popular social media platforms, as well as other large championships' platforms including the TCRUK YouTube channel, since the championships are running alongside each other. Hundreds of photographers will attend these races, which are also seen by thousands of people, proving that a DCC Racing sponsorship is a great promotional opportunity!

The sponsorship tiers include:
• Branding in countless positions on the car
• Branding on team wear
• Social media tags, hashtags, posts and sharing of business posts
• Race spectator tickets
• Branding and links on DCC Racing website
• Recognition in race reports and live interviews
• VIP Experiences on track and practice days
• Very promotional sponsor recognition

and so much more…

The cost of a sponsorship is decided based upon your budget; we offer flexible prices. We appreciate any form of support, whether it is sharing our social media posts or sponsoring the season.

Anthony is very well-known and heavily endorsed in the Civic Cup and racing community, making your sponsorship even more worth it. If you are interested in becoming part of the Team for 2024 then please get in touch!


Target Audience

The Civic Cup appeals to a very wide range of people. This includes thousands of people watching the race's live-streams from home, hundreds of private photographers at the event who share their photos all across social media, and a massive mix of spectators at the event who include children, teenagers, boy racers, middle-aged automotive enthusiasts, and also older people who just want to take a seat and watch the racing. There is a really positive mix of male and female spectators.


Key Dates and Timings

You can find the 2024 Season Calendar at this link:

You can sponsor a few races, an item (like a car shuttle), or the whole 1-year season! It's entirely tailored to your preference and budget.

Please contact us at

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