Stage 1 Detail – Enhancement

Our most popular service designed to give the paintwork a natural lift

The Stage 1 Detail involves intensive machine polishing to enhance the paintwork, rejuvenate dull paintwork and bring forth the gloss, clarity and depth.

Fundamentally the final results won't come without the correct preparation.

This will all start with your automobile being put through a rigorous decontamination and cleaning process. Paintwork condition can then be fully examined and the paint correction process can begin.

Light to medium swirl marks, scratches and imperfections will be removed during an intensive two-stage machine polishing process. Once Anthony is satisfied with the achieved results, sealant is applied and the process is completed with one coat of our specially selected pure carnauba waxes. This will form a hydrophobic water repellant surface and a barrier against road grime, salt and acid rain etc.

Alloy wheels are meticulously detailed during the same process with the paintwork and are then protected with a designated high temperature wheel sealant.

All exposed plastic trims are detailed and protected, the interior will be fully valeted including a leather clean and condition (where applicable). Glass is cleaned inside and out and rain repellant applied to the outside.

We guarantee that the Stage 1 Detail will produce a stunning transformation in the vehicles appearance.


2 days - from £545

Nano coating can be applied as an alternative to wax which gives a greater durability. This costs an additional £100. Please see our nano coating page for further information.


NB. Although we do guarantee a breathtaking finish to the automobile, perfection simply cannot be achieved in 2 days. Anthony is a master detailer and will do his utmost to achieve the best possible finish within the time restraints.

If you require an impeccable finish, we would recommend our 'Stage 2 Detail - Perfection'.