Protective Coatings


The coating you choose to protect your vehicles paintwork is individual to each person and each vehicle. Following are a selection of the coatings we recommend.


Manufactured in Japan, Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know how. Kamikaze Collection aims to offer the best car care products available regardless of cost.


Infinity Wax

KAMIKAZE created an entirely new product category when they developed their new INFINITY WAX...The Ultimate Hybrid Performance Wax!

Utilizing 53.7% high grade Carnauba Wax, and 39.2% Japanese glass coating, INFINITY WAX combines the best of both worlds...the amazing gloss of wax, with the durability of glass coating. Whereas most waxes will only last a month or two, INFINITY WAX is designed to last upwards of several years! For maintenance of INFINITY WAX, it is recommended to use OVERCOAT by KAMIKAZE.

INFINITY WAX deepens and enhances the colour of your car, and will look great on everything from bright white to pure black.

For the ultimate in paint protection, use INFINITY WAX on top of one of the other KAMIKAZE coatings (MIYABI COAT, ISM COAT). The looks are absolutely amazing, and the protection is unmatched.



Hydrocarbon Flexible Coating


The Japanese are the undisputed pioneers in glass coating technology, and thanks to KAMIKAZE, we now have a brand new coating technology and complete maintenance system that sets the (very high) standards in the coating world.

Up until now, detailers and detailing enthusiasts have been forced to use high solvent-based coatings…many of which won’t pass VOC regulations, are highly flammable, and the heavy chemical smell just makes you believe that it can’t be good for you. Just watching the manufacturer’s videos where the technician is using a mask or respirator to apply the product is a good indication of what’s in the bottle!

But with ISM COAT, it is non-solvent, VOC free, and non-flammable. This is a big selling point in itself for the detailing industry!

Not only is ISM COAT a much safer and more responsible product, it also excels in its properties as a coating.

First and foremost, it is easy to apply and remove. Many coatings on the market are very difficult to apply and remove, and the manufacturers try to hide it in the name of “hardness” or “durability”. A coating doesn’t have to be difficult to apply and / or remove to be good!

Secondly, it is a great base layer coating that is strong, durable, and more resistant to water spotting than traditional glass coatings (a weakness inherent in the formula). It can be used by itself on both paint and plastic trim, or it can be a part of the complete system with using KAMIKAZE OVER COAT as the sacrificial layer. On paint, it produces a deep rich gloss like a boutique carnauba wax. Regardless of the color of the car, ISM COAT dramatically improves the looks! On black plastic trim (or items like windshield wiper arms), it will fully restore it to a deep original black, and protect it for a very long time! Just one formula works for both applications. As for durability, a proper application can last a realistic 24-36 months. KAMIKAZE doesn’t over-hype durability and hardness claims like so many other manufacturers do…they just produce a fantastic coating that will look great and last a long time.

Finally, ISM COAT provides strong water-repellent properties like a fine wax. Let’s face it…everybody loves to see fine water beading or water droplets that fly off the car when driving, and ISM COAT provides just that. And for those who want the craziest water beading available, we recommend maintaining ISM COAT with Kamikaze’s OVER COAT (sacrificial layer).

Miyabi Coat

While MIYABI COAT may be listed as the mainstream glass coating offering from KAMIKAZE, it would be considered the high-end offering from other manufacturers! The low molecular Silane is non-solvent and VOC free like its big brother ISM COAT, but it is flammable (as are all coatings on the market except ISM COAT).

With this new formula, it is more resistant to water spotting than traditional glass coatings.

MIYABI COAT offers a harder, and more brilliant shine than ISM COAT (ISM has a more wax-like gloss). Durability  is expected at 18-24 months.

Water repellency is great by itself, but for those wanting the most insane water beading characteristics, we recommend maintaining MIYABI COAT with OVER COAT (sacrificial layer).

For those looking for a hard glass coating with a brilliant shine, and one of the easiest to use coating formulas on the market, then MIYABI COAT is the clear choice.

Recommended system:


OVER COAT (sacrificial layer, very high hydrophobic properties, keeps ISM COAT in great condition. Use every few months)

WATER SPOT REMOVER. Any and all types of coatings can be prone to water spots in the right conditions, and this exclusive formula is designed to remove deposits left in new water spots without damaging the coating underneath (most water spot removers WILL damage coatings!!).



Nano Coating

Nano coating provides a shield over your vehicles paintwork that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion. A unique easy to clean performance means that insects, bird droppings and other deposit build ups can be removed effortlessly. The durability is approximately 1 year, but this can be extended up to 3 years through regular manual aftercare.

The benefits of nano coating are evident:

  • Anti-scratch effect – helps to resist wash marring and light swirling
  • Antioxidant – prevents colour from fading/sun-bleaching
  • Antistatic – less dust build up in dry conditions Anti-acids and salts – prevents road salt from sticking to the paintwork
  • Durability – from 1 to 3 years
  • Excellent high gloss effect – Deep sheen mirror finish
  • Hydrophobic/Water-repelling – fantastic water beading & sheeting
  • Anti-calcium effect – prevents water spot etching
  • Dirt-deflecting – paintwork stays cleaner for longer
  • Easy to clean/self-cleaning effect – effortless future maintenance
  • Weather protection UV – weather-resistant Insects and flies repellent
  • No more waxing!


Please note – we would highly recommend that protective coatings are only applied to new or corrected paintwork. They do not fill or mask the appearance of swirl marks and other paint defects, so if these are not removed prior to application, then they will be sealed in for a long time!