Owner Vehicle Chauffeuring

If you have an event planned and don’t want the hassle of driving but enjoy the comfort of your own vehicle then this service is for you.

Tariff charges – chauffeur driving clients own vehicle

Hourly charge to clients (Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 22:00)  £15 per hour

22:00 to 07:00 & All day bank holidays  £30 per hour

Minimum charge 5 hours per day at flat rate £75

Meals allowance (if not provided) Breakfast £5, Lunch £10, Dinner £15

Insurance Cover
It is the responsibility of the client who is hiring to ensure that Anthony is covered, at least as named driver, on the Insurance cover of the vehicle to be driven. This has to be arranged by the client and is entirely at their own cost and risk. A copy of the insurance cover document must be seen by DCC prior to driving.

Miscellaneous charges
Costs incurred by Anthony during the hire period will be charged to the client at cost. Typical costs are car parking, toll charges and fuel.

Fuel Costs
Please note that although Anthony carries a float for expenses he is not able to purchase all your fuel for you and you are expected to pay this cost yourself!