New Car Protection

A new car protection detail not only enhances and protects the appearance, but also helps to maximise its subsequent resale value.

A new car is usually the second largest investment after a house so it is important to protect it right from the start.

When you buy a new car from a dealership you expect it to be in immaculate condition but this is unfortunately rarely the case.  Industrial fallout, machine buffer trails and PDI checks at the dealership leave vehicles looking less than their best and without protection are open to further damage from the elements.

In a New Car Protection the exterior of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, clay barred and given a single stage machine polish to remove any imperfections. This ensures that paintwork is in perfect condition before being sealed and the process is completed with one coat of our specially selected carnauba waxes. This will form a hydrophobic water repellent surface and barrier against road salt, grime and acid rain etc.

The engine bay and wheel arches are also sealed and protected and alloy wheels are coated with a designated high temperature wheel sealant. The vehicles interior, fabric or leather, will also be protected against wear and tear and the glass is cleaned and rain repellent applied.


from £295 – 1 to 2 days

Ceramic glass coatings can be applied as an alternative to wax which gives a greater durability. Please see our protective coatings page for further information.